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The most efficient system in the world for doing content marketing

Production and distribution of Annual Plans of Content Marketing for the complete Customer Journey;

Method "Pillar Content": We start with long forms of spoken or written content (such as: webinar, events, presentations, videos, podcasts, books, etc.) and from them we extract infinite different variables of marketing content.

From which Marketing Content Pillars shall we leave?

Audio materials

  • Podcast
  • Recorded interviews
  • Call recorded
  • Conferences

Video materials

  • Webinar
  • Live Seminar
  • Video interviews
  • Courses of training

Written text


  • Questionnaires and Surveys
  • Interviews with professionals
  • Podcast show

What marketing content we will make each month

Recurring content

  • Social media posts (text + graphics)
  • Segmented mini video remix
  • Animated videos and commercials
  • Linkedin Slideshare
  • Video Webinar and Live Streams
  • Podcasts, Audio Telegram

recurring editorials

  • Marketing articles
  • ebooks, L. Magnet, White-papers
  • Magazines
  • Digital newsletters
  • Email sequences

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Strategy and strategic consulting

Content Management &
Social Media Community Management

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