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We encourage each candidate to review our corporate documents on company values before submitting an application for ours open positions.



La nostra prima missione è aiutare le persone a essere più efficienti sul lavoro in termini di produzione di contenuti scritti (libri, manuali, testi…). Siamo il primo servizio professionale di trascrizione e tramite le registrazioni audio/video prendiamo i tuoi discorsi e li trasformiamo in testi scritti già riutilizzabili per i tuoi scopi. Ad oggi serviamo 486 persone tra imprenditori e PMI. Il nostro augurio è un giorno raggiungere ed entrare nel processo di creazione di testi scritti – di tutte le imprese italiane che vogliono produrre contenuti scritti agilmente – e dei Manuali di tutte le aziende che erogano formazione. Per riuscirci, però, dobbiamo giorno dopo giorno investire l’uno nell’altro, a partire dal nostro team interno, soprattutto perché siamo un’azienda piccola, seppur in rapida crescita. La nostra cultura è il pilastro principale e il quadro di riferimento che fino ad ora meglio ci ha consentito di raggiungere i nostri obiettivi organizzativi. E il modo in cui abbiamo definito la nostra cultura è attraverso un insieme condiviso di valori a cui ciascun membro del Team di Writeless ha aderito e utilizza quotidianamente per prendere decisioni, interagire con altri membri e clienti, e svolgere il lavoro. 

 Our teamwork values  

Each of these values is enriched by a simple comparison between good and bad according to our standards:

"A teammate in Writeless was successful in this" 


 “A teammate I'm competing with did this…”.  


In a project, in a job, something can go wrong. It is sometimes necessary to sit down at a table and in addition to understanding how to move forward, it is essential to understand what happened to understand how to avoid it in the future.

Even in the case of human errors with a strong negative impact, it is always asked to use a constructive attitude, not so much aimed at looking for THE GUILTY, but more at understanding the reasons that led to the error and how to avoid them in the future.


What it means: It's always better to offer something real today, than something that might be better tomorrow.

Tips on how to apply this value:

“When I see a problem, I take action to solve it”.  

"When I see a problem, I ignore it because it's someone else's job."

"If I'm not sure about something, I seek help from my tutor / contact / manager or a teammate."  

"I don't like asking questions or raising problems because I'm afraid of being stupid."

"If it's not perfect, I don't deliver it, I don't ignore it pretending nothing happened."  

"I begin to deliver the project ... Then if there is something wrong, the others will report it to me".

"I ONLY take charge of the projects to which I am sure to dedicate time and I reject what overloads me".  

“I try to take on as many projects as possible, in some way I will do them”.

"A problem created by another person on the project I worked on is also my problem."  

"If I haven't done it I can't do anything about it."  



What it means: When you are not working within the same walls it is “even” more difficult to stay tuned to the same channel. For this you need to always communicate with others, with maximum transparency.

Tips on how to apply this value:

"I keep my team members always in tune with what's going on, both in terms of currently active jobs and my availability of time, so surprises will rarely emerge."  

“I hold back information on what's going on until the last moment. If then the emergency or the surprise for a teammate of mine comes up, amen. Worse for him."

"I share the work I am doing with my colleagues in advance and provide it in time to work on any corrections."  

“I work without giving updates to my colleagues and I deliver my share at the last minute”.

"I make decisions and obstacles related to a project easily understandable to my colleagues, sharing my feedback in the company communication channels, so that my partner who will work next to me will have a clear vision of the work he will do."  

"I share the raw notes of the work I'm doing, it will be up to the next role to decipher them and notice the problems to keep

under an eye ".


What it means: We all have personal goals and ambitions. We work together to help us achieve them constructively and serenely. Tips on how to apply this value:

"When I get feedback I try to improve in that direction."

“When I get feedback, I get annoyed and demotivated”.  

"I always assume my colleague is in good faith when I get feedback."  

“I feel attacked when I get feedback”.

"When the work of a teammate helps me I say" thank you "by sharing how I was helped with the team or with the person." ● “I keep the feedback received to myself”.

“Rifletto e mi impegno costantemente, vedo i problemi che sorgono come delle opportunità di apprendimento.”  

"I prefer to do the minimum and overlook missteps or mistakes, which is more comfortable than solving and questioning myself."

"I care and participate, if I can, in the development and improvement of other people."  

"I remain silent to avoid hurting feelings or making you uncomfortable."

"I provide feedback directly and with as much empathy as I can."  

"I provide feedback without the ultimate goal of helping the other person, I do it because I have to."

“When there is a change to manage, I embrace the opportunity to do new things”.  

“When there is a change, I am scared, reluctant and fear the worst”.


What it means: All of our teammates are smart and talented at what they do. By working together we will be successful.

Tips on how to apply this value:

"I work with others to build great ideas."  

“I work alone because my ideas are the best”.


“Ho interesse per i miei compagni di squadra oltre che alla soddisfazione dei nostri clienti, so che con legami forti possiamo affrontare insieme anche i momenti più difficili”.  

“Tratto il mio team come risorse accessorie e necessarie al lavoro che svolgo io”.


"If the floor is dirty, I'll take the broom and sweep it on the floor."  

"I wait for the cleaning staff to clean the floor because some jobs are lower than me and I don't have to do them myself."


Sometimes it makes no sense to call our "ego" into the field. Sometimes it is enough just to try to forgive mistakes that we have made ourselves or that others have made, and be happy because next time it will be better. These words could positively guide you in situations like this:


"When I fail and / or do something wrong, I learn."  

"When I fail, I take it badly and I suffer."


"I can learn anything I want."  

"Either I'm good at this, or I'm not."


"If you can do something better, I feel inspired."  

"If you manage to do something better, I feel threatened and my intelligence offended."


Cosa significa: investi in strumenti e processi che generano un impatto sul modo di lavorare eccezionale, in modo che Writeless possa essere internamente sempre più produttiva e funzionale ai suoi scopi.

Tips on how to apply this value:


"If I see repetitive tasks, I find tools, processes or codes that can help us grow efficiently."  

"I keep doing things the way they have always been done because it's familiar and changing is more challenging."  


"I give priority to the work I do with perfection and precision."  

“I prioritize the work I do quickly and quickly”.


"If there are internal problems, I look for ways to solve them with the team currently available, looking for inefficiencies first."  

"I usually encourage hiring new people to solve problems that arise."

Notice: We know that applying to take up a new job at any company requires a leap of faith. We want you to feel comfortable and excited about submitting your application on Writeless. To help share a little more about the lives of all of us at Writeless, always read your job-specific document - in addition to the job description above - which can give you a more "intimate" look at how. it's life in here.



The Writeless team is made up of professionals from all over Italy who work on every single aspect of the company.

Ours is a positive, supportive and inclusive work environment, which aims to include people of any race, faith, religion, gender or educational background. To this end, we have drawn up some fundamental rules to which we ask anyone who interfaces with our work group to adhere. This code applies equally to everyone involved internally.

This is not an exhaustive list of things you can do or can't do. Rather, it is a guideline to make sure all the people who work at Writeless are happy, productive, safe and free to "move".

This code of conduct applies to all spaces managed or participated by Writeless. This is to say that these are principles that must be adopted both while using our internal tools (Dropbox, Connect, Cliq, Projects, email, etc.), and when attending and live events and meetings.

Furthermore, violations of this code can prevent a person from staying within our organization, in any form and regardless of the position held.

If you believe that someone is violating the code of conduct, we ask you to report it by contacting your “supervisor” or contact person directly.


 Be friendly and patient.  


 Be welcoming.  

We are committed to being a company that welcomes and supports people of all backgrounds and identities. Ours is a Team open to members of any race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, color, immigration status, social and economic class, education level, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, age, size, weight , family status, health status, political belief, religion, and mental and physical ability.


 Be considerate.  

The product of your work will be material that other people will have to work on and vice versa: the result of your work will depend on the work of your peers. Any decision you make in the middle of a project will affect members and colleagues who come after you and consequently you will need to take this into account when making decisions.

Remember that we are people who come from all over Italy and you could get the communication wrong in tone / language. Take this into account when dealing with



 Be respectful.  

Not everyone will agree in every case, in every situation, but disagreement is not a valid reason for engaging in bad behavior or a defiant attitude. Each of us may find ourselves dealing with a sense of frustration, but we cannot allow this feeling to turn into a personal attack on another team member.

It is important to remember that a company where people feel uncomfortable or threatened is never productive. Writeless members should be respectful when dealing with other teammates, as well as with people outside the team.


 Be responsible for yourself.  

During corporate retreats, group outings or other live events you are a Writeless representative. Behave properly by putting yourself and those around you at ease.


 Pay attention to the language you use.  

We are a community of professionals and we conduct ourselves professionally. Be nice to others. Do not insult or put other participants in a bad light in any kind of discussion. Any harassment or other similar exclusionary behavior towards other members is not accepted.

This includes (although not limited to):

  1. Violent threats or offenses directed against another person.

  2. Jokes and discriminatory targeted languages.

  3. Post sexually explicit or violent material.

  4. Personal insults, especially those who use racist or sexist terms.

  5. Unwelcome sexual attention towards one or more members.

  6. Promote or encourage any of the behaviors described above.

  7. Repeated harassment of those around you.

  8. In general, if someone asks you to stop doing or saying something unwelcome, stop.

  9. Imposing humiliating tasks such as initiation rites on new teammates.


 When we disagree, try to understand why.  

Disagreements, both social and technical, happen all the time and Writeless is no exception. It is important to resolve disagreements and divergent opinions constructively, always.


 Remember we are different.  

La forza di Writeless proviene dai suoi vari compagni di squadra, persone provenienti da una vasta gamma di background, scientifici, umanistici, o altro. Persone diverse hanno prospettive differenti sui problemi. Se sei incapace di capire perché qualcuno ha un punto di vista diverso dal tuo non pensare che la persona in questione si stia necessariamente sbagliando.


10  To err is human.  

Don't forget that to err is human and blaming each other leads nowhere. Instead, let's focus on solving problems and learning from mistakes.

Code of conduct and language used strongly inspired by Django's code of conduct.

Good job!



We know that applying and taking a new path in any company requires a leap of faith. We want you to feel totally comfortable and excited about submitting your application to Writeless, SL.

Unfortunately, many companies' hiring process looks like a black box with a big question mark on the outside.

  1. Send the application;

  2. Wait weeks for feedback that never comes.

  3. At this point you even wonder why you sent your application.  

In our opinion, the lack of communication only reinforces the insecurity present in each of us and consequently the self-belief of the impossibility of growth. Working in a new role (in a serious and reasonable way) takes courage, and it's hard to find when - more often than not - your only reward is silence.

Our hiring process is different at Writeless.

We want you to know that when you apply for a role, you will get feedback from us, even if it is negative. In fact, throughout the selection and recruitment process we strive to ensure that we never go beyond seven days of silence from the candidate.

To be completely transparent, here's what happens when you ask to work on a position in Writeless.

  1. Application: Once your application is submitted, your application enters our application management software which allows us to track all requests. Here, the Human Resources Team, with whom you will work closely once hired, will review your application.

  2. Assessment: The application is then assessed on the basis of evidence showing that you have the relevant skills for the job you applied for. We will evaluate not only your stated technical skills, but also your writing and communication skills, along with the knowledge you show towards our company and the service we sell. We know that no candidate is flawless all around, so we're looking for people who can excel in one or two skills, to fit into groups with complementary strengths / weaknesses and made to work together.

  3. Interview on the role: once the first series of candidates have been examined, you will be summoned together with those who have passed the first phase to support a video call together with the dedicated contact person. The Referent will follow you in this first part of the Writeless path. Here you will be asked questions aimed at deepening your relevant experience for this role, and you will have the opportunity to assess whether or not Writeless actually matches the values you seek in an employer. If you do not reach this step, we will still contact you to inform you that we are still evaluating your application for this role.

  4. Skills Interview: After speaking with your Contact Person, you will have to undertake a Skills Interview with your reference team that will initially be entrusted to you. Typically this interview is done over an audio or video call or a practice test to test and practice your knowledge (depends on the type of role you are applying for). Here the type of assessment that will be made will be exclusively of a practical type and is intended to verify if you have the relevant skills to be successful in the role. You won't be evaluated on skills that don't matter. For example, we will not provide quizzes on mathematical formulas, nor will we ask you how many golf balls could fit inside a "logic" tram. If you do not reach this step, we will contact you to let you know that we have rejected your application or that we are still evaluating your application. For some positions, we will also evaluate your skills on short practical exercises.

  5. Final decision: After the skills interview (or the practice exercises), we will evaluate each candidate who has made it up to the previous point and the hiring team will make a decision. If more candidates marry with the profiles we are looking for, we will stimulate further candidate references. If no candidate matches our hiring profile we will decline the applicants' applications or repeat the second step.

  6. References Checks: When checking references please let us know, we will contact the references provided directly to get a better idea of your relationship.

  7. Job Offer and Proposal: Once all steps are completed we will present you with a job offer with details on salary, benefits and salary specifications. If you accept the offer, we will establish the start date of the job and develop a dedicated induction plan. At each point in this process, we promise not to disappear for more than 7 days. It is a promise that we are committed to keeping religiously.

Thanks for considering a career in Writeless!

We hope that the words read so far will encourage you to take that famous leap of faith and send us your presentation.

Open positions:

Send your application: info@writeless.it

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