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The lack of knowledge of core algorithms and metrics in TikTok makes it difficult for bloggers and brands to promote without cost on this popular platform.

How to use built-in analytics in TikTok and evaluate the results of advertising promotion and positioning - in this advertising agency material  Hello .

It will be useful for bloggers, marketers and brand managers who want to attract new audiences.

Blogger: which metrics tell the effectiveness of the promotion in TikTok

The first thing you need to pay attention to when promoting your account is the number of views and the growth rate of subscribers. Usually these processes are interconnected. At the same time, the percentage of subscribers depends on the quality of the content displayed. Therefore, you should immediately create worthy content and not wait for subscribers to make money.

It is also important not to jump from one topic to another: testing different directions is normal and useful, but at the beginning of the path it is better to do without cardinal changes.

We recommend that you immediately link an author account or a corporate account: full analytics will be available, presented in the “Overview”, “Content”, “Subscribers” and Live sections.

This will help the blogger or brand determine which direction is best to move.

The data in the “Overview”, “Content”, “Subscribers” and Live sections will be useful to both bloggers and advertisers. The first is to understand your audience, track results, and adjust content. Advertisers: to create or modify a marketing strategy and monitor the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Since only the account owner has access to this information, the advertiser can request it in the form of screenshots or screencasts.

Interfaccia dello strumento analitico in TikTok

Let's take a closer look at the contents of each block.

The following information is available in the “Overview” section for 7, 28 and 60 days :

  • video views;
  • profile views;
  • like it;
  • Comments;
  • republish;
  • number of subscribers.

The "Content" stores the publications with the number of views:

Vale la pena prestare maggiore attenzione alla sezione “Iscritti”. Contiene dati sul pubblico come il numero di abbonati, il tasso di crescita, la divisione di genere, la geografia degli abbonati, il grafico della loro attività.

Le statistiche complete possono essere ottenute accedendo to the analysis page from a computer

Live stores information about live broadcasts:

  • number of views;
  • new members;
  • total duration;
  • the largest number of viewers.

Stream data example: For example, you can see that the viewers 94% is not subscribed to the blogger

To promote, it's important for a blogger to look at each section of the analytic block.

The general views they will show if the direction of movement is correct, if there is stability in the views or if something needs to be changed.

The subscription and visualization charts they will tell you what content is doing well and what is best not to post.

A curve that shows the growth rate of subscribers and unsubscribers durante la settimana ti aiuterà a vedere i punti di forza e di debolezza e a risolvere i difetti. Se noti in quali giorni e dopo quali contenuti gli abbonamenti sono cresciuti e quali sono diminuiti, puoi identificare rapidamente gli errori e costruire una strategia di contenuti più competente.

The analysis of the subscribers will allow you to find out which users are watching the video and decide if this is the audience the blogger or brand wants to see on their page. It is likely that after such an analysis, it will be necessary to change the direction of the content.

Also the list of countries in cui vivono gli abbonati è importante. Se un blogger prevede di vendere pubblicità in Russia, di conseguenza, la maggior parte degli abbonati dovrebbe essere russa e non dovresti reclutare un pubblico straniero sui contenuti senza parole. Sebbene le visualizzazioni saranno elevate, le richieste di annunci verranno ricevute molto meno spesso di quanto potrebbero.

For what concern graph with user activity , it is important to understand the best posting times. There is no universal publishing time in TikTok: every blog has its own time.

  • You will be able to manage your marketing strategy with the help of data and use it to grow your business and increase profits
  • Add four cases to your portfolio
  • Get help finding a job

For advertisers: how much advertising on TikTok costs and what indicators to pay attention to before placing an ad

Advertising cost

I blogger con milioni di persone dovrebbero avere un prezzo più alto rispetto ai ragazzi con centinaia e decine di migliaia di abbonati. In media, i prezzi possono partire da 50 mila rubli per un semplice video secondo uno scenario già pronto e salire fino a importi a sei cifre quando si tratta dei migliori video blogger.

There are no exact numbers: the market is very flexible and bloggers often dictate their terms. If we try to summarize, for every million subscribers, Tiktokers often adds 10-30 thousand rubles to the cost of advertising placements, which was before the media.

Number of views

Il sito è progettato in modo tale che il numero di iscritti non sempre garantisce una copertura costantemente elevata, quindi è necessario prestare attenzione alle visualizzazioni.

Unlike Instagram, TikTok's user feed is always set to recommendations.

Gender and geography of the subscriber

This information is subsequently compared with the target audience of the promoted brand.

If there are no questions about gender and geography, let's look at the blogger's subscriber engagement and average number of views for at least a month. Better evaluate everything, including repost.

Good contact with subscribers means that a blogger knows how to make an advertisement visible - the likelihood of getting a good result with such indicators will be much higher.

Publication frequency

This is not an obvious but an important indicator.

If a blogger posts videos regularly, for example 2-3 times a day, and at the same time has consistently high views, he can be called a professional. It understands its audience and produces high-quality popular content, including commercial projects.

When you get high views in accounts with rare publications, once or twice a week or a month, the chances of getting a good result for an ad video are significantly reduced.

How to determine the effectiveness of advertising on TikTok

After starting the publication, you should wait at least a week while the video actively runs from the TikTok algorithms. Afterwards, to evaluate the results of the launch, it is worth moving on to in-depth analysis.

Below each video is a button More data:

The list of indicators here is enough to identify the mistakes made and try to take them into account in the future. In this block you can see:

  • the number of views, likes, comments and reposts;
  • total viewing time;
  • average viewing time or depth of inspection;
  • types of traffic sources: tips, subscriptions, hashtags, personal profile;
  • geography - origin - public;
  • maximum viewers.

Understanding at which second or minute the video was ignored will help find the reason and prevent the defect from recurring, as well as identify the duration of the most successful video.

Audience origin analysis will show if the video was seen by target viewers or if it was addressed incorrectly.

The types of traffic sources will show whether TikTok launched the video in the recommendation or only showed it to subscribers.

Let's summarize

To promote and place ads, it is important to be able to work with the analytics built into TikTok.

Basic metrics - such as subscriber gender and geography, audience activity - will allow bloggers to track whether they are developing in the right direction. And more complex data, such as depth of inspection and types of traffic sources, will help gauge the success of ad integrations.

The ability to manage statistics will allow bloggers to save time and effort for rapid and productive growth and for advertisers to conduct integrations more efficiently.


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