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Above you can see the video we made in early summer 2019 in order to tell our experience as a "content marketing agency that had not yet started doing content marketing".

Well yes, you read that right.

Even a marketing agency can have a hard time doing content marketing for itself.

Because? Because it is a VERY COMPLEX business.

Inside there are many factors that can get out of hand. And being stuck YEARS is a moment.

So how to start creating marketing content, tightening tightening?

All companies have goals and we know (in theory) what to do to achieve them.

Content is often a (missed) business goal.

In this article the objectives are the protagonists, but there is one in particular that appears from the beginning in the mind of every entrepreneur and thrills to be realized: produce marketing content.

All of us entrepreneurs have a list of "business good intentions" among which the goal of creating content, communicating, promoting our service so that customers buy from us and not from others.

From the first coffee to when we go to bed in the evening, leaving our slippers on the floor, we realize that living as an entrepreneur means setting a goal, but doing, throughout the day, everything except that specific action.

How can we solve this problem?

How do you bridge the gap between what you want to do and what you can actually do?

There are two points that we need to fix in our mind to start achieving our corporate marketing goals:

  1. Understanding how to do it: find out how to start a process that leads to content creation;
  2. Having achievable marketing goals.


There is a phrase that accompanies our daily work in Writeless: "Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible".

You are facing one of the most important concepts for us at Writeless, but what does it mean to “transform the invisible into the visible”? And above all, how do you make something invisible like an idea real, concrete and tangible?

As an entrepreneur you will be constantly overwhelmed by the ideas that cross your mind (there can be even more than a hundred in a single day!): New projects to develop, new campaigns to start, new actions to do ...

In reality, the real reason why most of the time we set the goal of constantly producing and publishing marketing content but then we don't actually succeed in the activity, is not the lack of the goal but is that the reasons are not actually clear. why you want to do this thing.

Just setting yourself as a goal to produce marketing content is not enough, if you have not fully understood why you need to do content marketing, what advantages it can bring to your company and how this can translate into economic benefits.

So it is precisely from this assumption that I invite you to ask yourself a series of important questions:

  • What are the goals you want to achieve?
  • What do you expect from the content creation business?
  • Why do you want to do content marketing for your business?
  • What needs should the content bring out in the minds of your customers?
  • What are the actions your potential customers need to take?

So, start thinking about the answers to these questions and start creating a realistic perspective.

Understanding WHAT you actually want to get out of your content strategy is the first step ever to get started.

If you don't know why you're doing it, you won't have clear enough ideas and (corporate) determination to sustain this business over the long term and it will end up on the back burner (just like the last 37 times you tried).


Choosing goals that are realistic, achievable and in line with your company and your business models is essential: those who approach the world of marketing have many questions in mind and some questions that we hear (TOO) often:

  • How soon can I have 100,000 followers on my Facebook page?
  • Is one month enough to sell 10,000 copies of my book?

These are common questions, born of curiosity, but that don't really have to do with a company's business objectives.

However, we invite you to think firmly and rationally on the real needs of your company and your business.

So, to quote the two questions we posed above, if I were an entrepreneur, then maybe, instead of thinking about followers on the number of copies I'd rather ask myself:

  • How can I make sure that the Itway followers of my Facebook page are constantly involved, constantly receive useful information for them, are facilitated in interacting with us, straightforward to get in touch to submit purchase requests for the product service?
  • Can publishing a book help my business strategy? Where and how can it be inserted? What interesting content can I use to naturally trigger public relations?

3 no mindset, no content

What does it mean not to have a correct mindset?

The easiest way we have to explain it is by inviting you to re-read the two wrong questions that, for example, many entrepreneurs often ask themselves before starting to do Content.

If you plan to start doing content marketing to get 10,000 followers tomorrow morning on the Facebook page or to sell 1 billion and a half copies in a month's time. You are simply creating unrealistic expectations. At 99.99% of probability cases a realistic expectation does not come true. So what will happen when for the umpteenth time you have created an expectation that does not correspond And you will not be able to sell those phantom 10,000 copies? Not only will it happen that that goal you set yourself, however, wouldn't really be relevant to your business strategy. But what will happen is that you will inevitably lose the will to do it because you will have been disappointed. For the umpteenth time.

Having a correct Mindset means that you have to mentally set yourself up to start this business, really understand what benefits it can bring you, and think of having to do it for the whole life of your company in the long term without thinking of having to get who knows what results tomorrow morning, it takes time .

And by being disappointed and interrupting the activity for the umpteenth time you will have wasted mental energy and I would have wasted all the resources you have invested, both mental, personal and economic.

It is always said in these cases that we must think about the path and the process rather than the result to be obtained. And Content is really this point. Content is an infinite process, which will never end.

So, don't give yourself goals achieved which (in your head) you actually hit the prize. You don't need any gratification, nor do you personally in your company.

Instead, try to have objectives that you can always continue to pursue and that are able to effectively support the quality of the relationship you have with your customers, the way you communicate with them, and consequently also-therefore -The duration of the your relationship.

This is the best result you could get with a great content marketing strategy.


In this article we have talked to you about three fundamental aspects to think about before planning any activity related to the production of your company's marketing content.

Working on these three points carefully will force and oblige you to design your work in the correct way.

Starting a path correctly is already complex, but doing it alone becomes even more so: if up to now you have acted in a disorderly and confusing way, we feel like breaking a spear in your favor.

Working in a confused and approximate way unites many of us: we are taken by a thousand things to do and the haste, the desire to get results and to do everything in the shortest possible time do not facilitate us in any way.

We too, as a content marketing agency, encounter and have encountered these difficulties: despite it being our job, producing our content proved to be particularly complex.

If you want to start this path from scratch, know that doing it alone is like jumping straight into the dark, no one prevents you from doing it, but know that, if you want, you can be followed and accompanied along the way by professionals who deal with of this 365 days a year and 7 days a week.

I'm talking about Writeless: the right solution for you.

We have chosen a very specific approach. Our processes have been extremely optimized and allow you to design your content business right from the start: from the mindset to the production of written content.

How do we do it?

With our innovative approach that takes your speeches (webinars, podcasts or plain WhatsApp audios) and turns them into content (articles, posts, emails, e-books).

Our motto is this: transform your voice into content for your company, because we are your voice.

Until next time.


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