Social media platform news: #ContentMarketingToday


⚠️ New report on engagement shares of information spreading pages and media worries Facebook: the number of people who get information on Facebook is growing, but fake news and disinformation are also growing.


📰 FB declares the next steps to combat the spread of FakeNews and disinformation. An extra point in favor of the funds invested for the coming months to remunerate the journalists who will produce content and information on the platform.



🛑 The SwipeUp of stories with links external to the platform will be removed soon. It will be replaced by the Link Sticker.



🕶 In development of customized effects of # Augmented Reality with the aim of improving the graphic effects for the creation of content directly from the platform.


🛒 Announced soon the presence of a new TAB “#shopify products” for all merchants and ecommerces on TikTok.


🤝 Partnership announced between Tiktok and the Cyber Security Alliance with the aim of attracting new talents on #cybersecurity and #IT


📹 Soon it will be possible to create even longer videos: TikTok aims for further expansion.



Soon out new function thanks to which it will be possible to see which “#spaces” people you follow follow in turn. (The sense: you can go and spy on all the voice threads that a person you are following is following, even Elon Mask. 🙃)


🤑 A further step towards monetizing information directly from the platform. It is now possible to buy tickets to participate in the “Spaces” sections of Twitter.


Before saying goodbye, speaking of news, we have an important announcement.

If you're interested in content marketing then you're definitely interested in its machine that makes it work: copywriting.

And you need to know that since 2018, I have been passionate about neuro-behavioral biology.

The branch of neuroscience in recent decades has developed a sub-branch, neuromarketing, or neuroscience (the study of the functioning of the brain) approached to marketing.

And since I am at the head of Writeless and passionate about all the subjects mentioned, it is for years that I have begun to connect the dots in something that does not yet exist and does not have a connotation.

We called it “neurocopywriting”, and all of our knowledge, you will find it published on We have already collected all the notes we have worked on to date in over 50 publications! 🙂

NeuroCopy talks about everything related to the art of copywriting (writing to sell), but based on scientific studies and research on the human brain.

We are waiting for you there.

That's all for this week too!

Until next time!

Writeless Team 🙃


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