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The 6 souls of Writeless

Writeless offers you a complete set of solutions to successfully manage the content marketing activity in the company at 360˚, from operational and consultative-strategic support, to complete operations: design and development of digital, paper, app based content.

writeless media

Production of recurring marketing content (Method Pillar Content).

content management

Full management of publications and moderation of social channels.

Writeless strategy

Operational and consultative-strategic support on content, brand coherence and marketing.

writeless editor

Production and distribution of editorial projects (books and manuals).

Content ADSification

We transform an editorial plan of Content into systems of advertising for the complete Customer Journey.

Writeless media

  • Production and distribution of Annual Plans of Content Marketing for the complete Customer Journey;
  • "Pillar Content" method: We start with long forms of spoken or written content (such as: webinar, events, presentations, videos, podcasts, books, etc.) and from them we extract infinite different variables of marketing content.

Writeless editor

  • Production and distribution of digital and paper editorial materials: Books, Technical manuals, Magazine, Digital magazines, recurring subscription newsletters;

  • "Pillar Content" method intended for editorial production (Writeless Method ©): from workshop to book in two steps;

  • Design and development of digital learning platforms:
    (A) LMS;
    (B) Digital Libraries;
    (C) E-Learning, OTT's;
    (D) Podcasts.

Writeless Strategy

  • Consulting Annual strategy on content, brand coherence, marketing, editorial distribution and online sales;

  • Operational support, content design development and systems implementation-procedures internal work.

  • * Service available only in combination with "Writeless media

Content management

  • FULL management of the publication activity contained on the corporate Social Channels, with constant monitoring and reporting;
  • 360 Community Management and moderation of social channels on messages and customer interaction (* customer care, telephone, email are not included).

Content ADSification ©

  • Internal Protocol of "Content ADSification ©": We transform the respective marketing contents of each phase of the customer journey into a SetUp of Online Advertising Campaigns;

  • Content Adsification system aimed at reaching the full scale of the Customer Journey parameters:

    (A) Brand Awareness;
    (B) Acquisition of new potential customers;
    (C) Conversion into paying customers;
    (D) Increase in Client Retention.

Content Marketing Services

Most requested by our customers

Today more than ever, a non-fiction book or author's biography can be the main source of authority for an entrepreneur, a company or a working method. How awesome would it be to have this job done with a handful of hours of work? This is exactly what we do in Writeless with the department Writeless Editor.

The new world of information sees many competitors fighting on the battlefield for the attention of potential customers. This is the main reason why it is not only essential to be able to consistently produce valuable content over time, but also the mind and the underlying strategy. With Writeless you have a dedicated tutor all along the path who assists you in analyzing the tone of voice, the linguistic register and the emotional levers to use in your content strategy.

But how do we do if on our topic we have exhausted all the topics to be treated?”- The job of content marketing is exactly the opposite! We have to find a way to repeat the same things over and over in different sauces and shapes to engage the attention of the our customers. That's why, rather than thinking about horizontally expanding the topics to be covered - you need to vertically deepen the issues you deal with using different STORIES, different levers and new ways of persuading your target audience.

The digital channels of Social Networks are today the most important virtual places to connect with our customers. Our editorial plans are designed to interact with all the main social networks that a company needs to make its voice heard: Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, Pinterest, Medium, Google My Business. 

There is no better strategy to connect with your target audience than to write your weekly / monthly or daily column offering useful information for them. The number of people who follow you will grow exponentially.

Email marketing is used by thousands of businesses of all sizes around the world. Because? It is free to do so, you send messages to specific targets, you can scientifically monitor the ROI.

A website "inbound”Is a site designed around the experience of a visitor / user. This is precisely the central channel around which the entire marketing strategy will revolve, the channel through which the user can to start all the routes we have prepared. Its ingredients: good design, content at will, call-to-actions, personalization and SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, or the practice of increasing the quantity and the quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results (eg Google). Doing it without content is IMPOSSIBLE. That's why it is said that "Content Is The King".

Digital PR go hand in hand with the previous point. What are? A set of online marketing strategies used by companies to increase their online presence. By leveraging the services of other journalists, bloggers and influencers, or by sending online press releases to get high quality backlinks, mentions on social media. Thus improving your search engine optimization (SEO).

CA © is the first protocol in the world to process a marketing system based on: educational content marketing, and promotional advertising based on the best performing content.


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