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Pillars Of Content Marketing

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The method pillar content is a manufacturing approach of marketing content massive, which allows you to obtain the maximum amount of content with the minimum executive effort.

The principle is very simple.

We always start from a so-called “long form of content”, such as a video, a podcast, an interview; and from it, all the respective other forms of content are extracted.

The whole approach is based on a particular process;

That is the system that allows us to speak from a long spoken material, up to the extraction of each ultimate content such as:

  • Articles for a blog;
  • Social posts;
  • Marketing emails;
  • Web pages;
  • Etc ...


This is the most classic and useful use of professional transcriptions, as well as an activity in which we are most specialized. The process is very simple:

  • Organize a course of training;
  • While holding it, record the interventions in the form of audio-video;
  • Submit training course recordings with slides and materials used during the course;
  • Get the Manual Written that contains in an orderly manner all the information that has been dealt with in the course;
  • Participants have the opportunity to study and consult the information discussed also in the hours following the classroom sessions.

Turn a training course recording into a book ready to print and publish

This is the simplest, most comfortable and fastest method ever, for an entrepreneur, for make a book ready to print and publish. About the specific and detailed method to do this I am talking about it in my book "This book was written in 12 hours and 56 minutes".

His process in a nutshell:

  • You create a map of the information you want to cover in the book;
  • Hold a recorded course on those topics (or you just record audio with it and speak fluently - exactly as if you were in front of a client);
  • Send everything to one service professional transcription that respectively:
    • It will transcribe the speech;
    • He will linguistically review the text produced;
    • He will format and layout the book to make it ready for printing and publication.

Turn a You Tube Channel into a Book Ready to Print / Publish

What happens very often is to meet companies or professionals who in the past have recorded and published numerous marketing videos on their You Tube channel. In that case, the simplest thing to do to make a book out of it is to follow the following process:

  • Create a map that contains all the videos you have recorded / published;
  • You put them in order of importance;
  • You group them into topics that will later be configured as "chapters" of your book;
  • Send everything to a professional transcription service that respectively:
    • It will transcribe the speech;
    • He will linguistically review the text produced;
    • He will format and layout the book to make it ready for printing and publication.

For example, it is the same method that Marco Montemagno used to make his book[2], rather than Gary Vee for publishing several New York Best Sellers.

Turn a training recording into a Kindle E-book

This is usually a method that makes sense for all those who hold training courses whose respective contents - subsequently - can become public domain since in the absence of conflict of interest with the sale of the course itself by the authors / speakers. In this case, each training course held can be transformed into respective Kindle E-books following the same process that you find at the beginning of the chapter to create Professional Manuals. The most important aspect of the matter is that the transcription service to whom you entrust the writing of the digital book, take care of ultimately creating the document in Kindle format, so that you can already directly upload and publish it without further work.

Turn several spoken audio-videos into a Magazine / Newsletter

As we will see in the following pages in specific cases, there is the possibility of transforming audio-video recordings into written documents which can then be easily formatted and paginated graphically for formats such as: Magazine, Newsletters, Magazines, Magalogs.

The process here too is simple and straightforward:

  • Choose the format graphic of the magazine you like;
  • Have a similar one replicate from a graphic (this will become the graphic structure of all the next editions you publish);
  • Once you have created the initial graphic layout you will only have to take care of creating the written content to put inside, which can be quickly produced if you take advantage of the professional transcriptions in their creation process.

Transform video testimonials into a "Book of Testimonies"

This is a tactic that fits perfectly for all those companies (or those professionals) who have carried out video-interviews with their clients, or rather have received videos-witnesses by the same.

The process here too is very simple and it is exactly the same that we use internally in Trascrizioni Copy to create the book you have under your eyes:

  • Groups the video / audio testimonials received by category, product or service;
  • Put them in order on a map;
  • Deliver everything to a transcription service that will come back with each transcribed into a single document;
  • Now use the written collection of all the testimonies that have been released to you as you find it most useful.

Turn a marketing video into an article for your blog

What we always say about it is that:

A product marketing video is an effort that has already been undertaken and that is worth exploiting to generate other content automatically.

  • Create a video;
  • Send it in transcript;
  • Get his corresponding article ready for publication.

Turn a Podcast episode into a respective marketing article

Same principle as the previous one. Usually the episode of a Podcast specifically explores ONE topic in a discursive way. It can make sense to turn the audio content into a written article that ranks for that particular keyword on Google.

Similarly, if the episode of the podcast has a strong structure of the contents treated, it is possible to recreate the so-called "evergreen articles".

Turn a marketing video into a post for your social pages

Just as a video can be transformed into its corresponding marketing article, it can also be transcribed into post in its different forms and structures suitable for each social network.

To give you an idea of how to use this tactic, assuming you do the transcription a start from a 7 minute video on your You Tube Channel, we could think of creating the following Line Up of posts:

  • A short Tweet that links to the article or video;
  • A more structured Facebook post with an image that refers to the complete article on the blog;
  • A post for LinkedIn itself to Facebook;
  • And a short marketing email that refers to watching the video[3].

Turn a video into a marketing email | Turn a series of ad hoc recorded audios into an email marketing campaign

You have a marketing campaign in mind but you don't have time to write all the Follow up by e-mail? What I'm about to tell you is for you:

  • Write the map of the e-mails you want to send in sequence with all the various conditions and possibilities;
  • Talk to your smartphone microphone exactly as if you were on the phone with a customer;
  • Transcribe everything.

Turn a marketing video into a Lead Magnet

Do you have a video on your channel that has attracted particular interest and that has more views than the others on equal terms? This could mean that that specific topic touches on themes that are particularly felt for your target audience.

Take advantage of this situation, do it transcribe and get us a Lead Magnet[4] ready to be given on your site in exchange for the email of your potential customers. It could be a good way to attract more interest from your customers and acquire more leads.

Turn ad hoc recorded audio into an article, post or email

Earlier we mentioned the case where you already have videos posted on your channel rather than podcasts that you could reuse by transforming them into written form.

This instead is the case in which you have NOT already recorded these contents but, conversely, you already know that you want to have them directly in writing without going through the recording of a video. On the other hand, let's not forget that recording a video is not always a walk in the park, it can be a demanding activity to be carried out in its entirety and obtain 'professional' results.

Otherwise we can record “Ad Hoc” audio - a much less invasive activity than video recording - and send everything in transcription to obtain the desired written content.

Turn an interview recording into a case study article

Do you have any interviews conducted with your customers or experts in the sector in which you work with which you would have advantages from associating? Turn those interviews into articles of case study quoting the interviewee, as if it were a Guest Post. You will be able to enjoy the advantage of being viewed and shared by the contacts / followers of the character you interviewed, as well as having his presence in your channels be used by Celebrity endorsement.

Turn a meeting into a written report

How many times do we have important 4-5 hour meetings in which a thousand different topics are dealt with and in the end it is hard to remember exactly what we have been told? In these cases the idea of recording the meeting as audio is NOT enough. Because if in "x" months you specifically need to reread something you said to each other at ¾ of the meeting, how do you do it? Do you listen to everything again until you get to the exact point?

Obviously, doing this would require a completely avoidable energy expenditure. Such as? For example, sending everything to a professional transcription service that will:

  • First, create an initial summary containing all the points covered in the meeting;
  • And subsequently, write in a clear and usable way to read everything that has been said to us.


In this way you will always have at your disposal an important document that will contain all the information dealt with in that specific meeting.

Within this document you will be able to carry out very fast and practical keyword searches, and in a second you will see everything that has been dealt with regarding the keyword you want to investigate.

This - of course - applies both to internal meetings and in the event that you carry out consultancy activities for which you have to deal with meetings, meetings and meetings lasting several hours.

How many consultants work with their clients without providing them at the end of the sessions with reports that contain in an orderly manner all the information that has been dealt with during the hours of consulting?

If this is where you work, by how much it could increase your customers' perceived value (put yourself in their shoes to answer this question correctly).


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