The news of the 2nd Sept of August 2021: Linkedin reddit and tiktok!



New "audio" search function target increased engagement of the #Reels format./ma/sitesapi/files/images/657680421/reels_audio3.png  

Instagram comes out with a new campaign totally focused on inclusion and ethnic diversity./ma/sitesapi/files/images/657680421/ig_make1.png  

#TikTok: new effective security measures introduced for users under 16 years old. Message blocking and approval systems./ma/sitesapi/files/images/657680421/tiktok_age_qualifiers.png  

Linkedin: The "RATING" function of the profiles they have in the bio-list is now available services offered on which you have declared to have expertise./ma/sitesapi/files/images/657680421/linked_ratings.png  


New Funding Round concluded. Estimated worth more than $ 10 billion.

The ability to create TikTok-style content on the world's leading #social forum is now available on an experimental basis./ma/sitesapi/files/images/657680421/reddit_tiktok.jpg  

#Twitter aims to increase the SEO and discovery functions of #TwitterSpace with a TAG system./ma/sitesapi/files/images/657680421/spaces_tags.jpg  
This week's news is definitely hot! 🔥
A greeting and see you next week! 🙂👋🏼

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