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Introduction to the webinar format

In this article we will tell you about what a truly interesting format can be, from a marketing and content marketing perspective.

What advantages does it offer and above all I will tell you about this practice of using the webinar by putting the attention and focus on how it is possible to transform webinars, video presentations, even into small-sized editorials that can be used as ebook rather than as a Lead Magnet (how to generate leads with content marketing) or otherwise.

If you are already a little interested in the subject of marketing, you will surely know that the webinar is absolutely one of those modalities of content that we could define relatively new that is literally depopulating.

The Benefits of Webinar as a Starter Content Marketing Format

Many companies use the webinar as a system of not only content production, but also as its own system of Lead Generation (generation of new potential customers who take action towards our company, for example, by registering for a webinar), or even as tool one-to-many direct sales.

The webinar is a great sales tool

In fact, the webinar is absolutely one of those extremely interesting formats that hides within it numerous advantages that literally cannot be ignored.

I have summarized some of them in what we consider to be absolutely the main ones on the net and we will see them right here in this video.


So the first advantage that I invite you to consider regarding the use of the webinar is that the webinar is easy to produce.


It is soon said.

For example, if you take a video recorded on your camcorder, this format may not be relatively easy to produce, because not being recorded live it must come out PERFECT.

It has a fundamental series of trappings to respect.

It must last just a few minutes.

You have to make sure that you are brief enough and that you don't get lost in digressions.

In conclusion…

The expectation your customer has on seeing the recorded video content format is VERY HIGH.

In addition, users are more and more used to seeing videos on social networks of the highest quality.

This phenomenon happens because - if you think about it - very trivially recorded videos are not live or live stream.

The expectation that my audience is that my video is perfect, that I don't get stuck even once while I'm speaking (because you can post-edit it).

If you are Live-stream, on the other hand, you are in a CONVERSATIONAL mode.

In this context, this expectation of perfection is totally lacking.

So surely, with the webinar, we are talking about an easy content to produce because you have a time frame that can tend to go from 20 to 30 minutes or so.

You also have enough time to express complex and articulate concepts well.

Webinar as a Content Marketing Format is a great source of Lead Generation

The second point that invites you to consider is that the Webinar can be used as a source of lead generation as well as a source of content production.

This is another very very important point that deserves to be considered in detail in every aspect.

We always take "you tube videos to make a comparison ...

The video tends to be you

  • register it,
  • you edit it,
  • you put it - for example - on the YouTube channel.

Hence the main function of the content considered, the main USE, is content.

Hardly ever selling ...

The vast majority of videos on YouTube that work best do not sell, they do content and give information, in fact.

The Webinar instead really gives a lot of freedom in this sense.

Because it allows you to both create content and inform, (in the sense that a Webinar can probably also be uploaded to a YouTube channel), AND to sell, when you register live.

Therefore, it is not excluded that at the end of the video presentation you can do the last three minutes of pure pitch, that is, the sale of your productservice.

However, what you see being considered is always the use.

A YouTube video can position itself perfectly on the search engine and get a lot of traffic directed to the video, but it does NOT direct lead generation.

The webinar yes.

Because to subscribe to the webiar you must leave a minimum Name, Surname and Email.

In addition… The webinar is one of those formats that, if well organized, can be well managed by a company representative or employee and not necessarily by the entrepreneur.

It can be used effectively by a company contact without that information being associated with the employee's Brand Person.

It is obviously different if that employee makes videos on his personal Linkedin profile, for example.

It is a very versatile tool that offers several advantages.

3# webinar use advantage: You have enough time to express complex and articulate concepts well (20-30-60 min) and to turn that information into an editorial

Then, another advantage is that since the webinar lasts an average of 30-60 minutes, it has a sufficiently large volume of information that is produced to make a small editorial.

This is by no means to be taken for granted in video production.

This is absolutely not taken for granted in the production of Telegram audio micro pills.

Or as well as in the production of videos for YouTube, etc ...

For example, we cannot make a collage and put together several small videos and create an editorial product is important.

Or rather ... We can, but we advise against it.

You will notice a lot of inhomogeneity in the production of the final editorial.

While the webinar by definition is homogeneous because it is a fluid speech that is recorded from start to finish.

4# webinar use advantage: The Video format the video format is the one that gives us greater freedom of extraction in subsequent formats (images, audio, post text, infographics, quotes and quotes for instagram, etc.)

Today we all know the Method Pillar Content quite right?

Basically, all companies with the most advanced systems for producing marketing content for any use corporate they work with the same system.

That is? They have a method of producing marketing content as efficiently as possible.

How is this done?

This system consists in producing gods STARTING contents which are called Pillars, therefore initial contents, and then subsequently extract from these other forms, other successive formats of content.

For example, the Webinar can be transformed into many and many other formats.

A Webinar can be transformed - in fact - into an editorial, an ebook, a lead magnet.

Later this editorial, having more elements inside it, more subtitles, can be unpacked in more articles for the blog.

Give it articles then we can extract the most salient passages and create posts for the facebook / linkedin page.

We can extract from the most salient phrases of the infographics for our social networks that work more on the visual part.


We consider the webinar as the main pivotal format around which we usually build an efficient marketing content production strategy.

Perhaps the best ever.

Its use, as a starting format, is absolutely something that is proving to be more and more successful, on the one hand it allows us to make sales and lead generation, but at the same time also informative content.

Then if you want to transform your webinars into infinite variables of content formats to enrich and maximize the results of yours content marketing strategy, Writeless is the perfect agency for you.

It allows you to easily manage all this process, paying only one fee monthly equal to price of a salary, but with under a team of 20 people.

Below you will find the details to be able to request a DEMO personalized service.

We are waiting for you!

Writeless Team


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