[CASE STUDY] How long does it take to write a book? An interview! :) - The testimony of Diego Perfettibile

how long does it take to write a book

About the author

Diego Perfettibile is the owner of a company that produces “giant” fans for industrial ovens.

His sector: few competitors in the world, many industries that require the product. In view of this, it is essential for him and his company to be recognized internationally. How do they do this? In different ways.

Diego has a blog where he regularly writes about technical (and other) topics regarding his sector.

He has published several Newsletter in the form of comics that tell the story of his work, the role of his company in the sector and his way of working.

He has published a book, and is continually writing other books.

Given the huge amount of written content to be produced it is not at all easy to keep up with such a pace of writing new content.

Also because, in addition to this work of content creation and promotion, he must take care of coordinating all the real executive part of his company.

Lots of content to write, little time to make them: the perfect recipe to make the most of them professional transcripts.

So Diego regularly sent us spoken audio vocals, which allowed him to speed up the processing of parts of the book that dealt with more discursive and less "technical" topics.

This is an example of how transcripts are a flexible tool. If you're writing a hyper-technical book, SURE the best way might be to physically put yourself at the computer keyboard and finish. In the same way, however, you can produce all the more "discursive" parts much more easily by recording spoken audio to be transcribed.


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