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google adwords vs seo

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In this article we will answer the question: Google adwords vs seo: What is better?

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  • SEO VS ADVERTISING: what to do?
  • What is best to do?
  • What is best to invest in?
  • Iniziare da una produzione di contenuti con l’obiettivo di posizionarli su Google oppure investire in pubblicità a pagamento?
  • Do both?
  • We answer this question in a definitive way.
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We often use organic website promotion with SEO and AdWord (Google Ads): qual è la differenza tra i popolari strumenti di internet marketing?

Despite the apparent similarities, SEO and Google Ads are two completely different website promotion tools that serve different purposes. Before you decide to choose one, you need to find out which one best suits your business needs and expectations.

Internet marketing business planning

Let's start with the key definitions:

  • Positioning : The main job of ranking, often referred to as SEO promotion, is to improve a website's visibility (position) for selected keywords in organic search results.
  • Google Ads - A large advertising system where ads appear both in search results and on sites owned by Google's partners. The most popular form of Google advertising is sponsored links (called AdWords), which is why text ads appear in Google search results.

There are several important questions you need to answer:

  • How long do we want to promote the site?
  • Which target audience do we want to reach?
  • What qualities should our target group satisfy?
  • Can we afford to expect the effects of SEO promotion?
  • Is the offer we want to promote seasonal or does it change frequently?
  • Quali risorse finanziarie possiamo spendere per la promozione mensile del sito web?

By knowing the answers to the above questions and the characteristics of specific tools (for example, organic positioning and sponsored link campaigns), we can make an informed decision on the choice of promotion method.

It is worth remembering that the best results are achieved through a well-designed marketing strategy that leverages both Internet marketing tools in combination or sequentially.

Immediate announcement ords vs. continuous SEO

Due to the nature of the work, sponsored links have the effect of instantly increasing the site's visibility in Google search results when launching a campaign. The effects of organic ranking take much longer, sometimes several weeks, but SEO tends to have a longer and more stable effect.

Among experts studying Internet user behavior, it is believed that visible links in regular search results are more likely to be processed by potential customers than visible links in the advertising link area.

What determines the cost of an ad click?

Simply put, the cost-per-click of an ad depends on the quality of the ad.

Google encourages message quality, so clicks on ads with a high Quality Score are relatively cheaper than clicks on ads with a lower Quality Score.

Also, "good" ads appear in higher positions in Google AdWords search results.

Naturalmente, il problema di determinare il CPC di un annuncio visualizzato per una determinata parola chiave è molto più complicato. Prende in considerazione il valore del CPC massimo, ovvero il prezzo più alto che un inserzionista può pagare per un clic, e un punteggio di qualità, che consiste in vari fattori valutati da Google (pertinenza delle parole chiave, accuratezza del testo dell’annuncio, qualità del sito di destinazione , e altro).

All of this means that an advertiser can pay less for one click on the same phrase and another more.

Duration of effect of To ords is SEO

In the case of sponsored links, the duration of the promotion depends on the duration of the campaign. After the campaign ends, the service immediately disappears from the advertising link pool, so the link ceases to be visible in the search engine. Users stop seeing you, as if the site has never been on top.

The organic positioning situation is slightly different. The effect persists even after the end of the active promotion of the site. In the past, when SEO activity wasn't as intense yet and search engine algorithms didn't change at such a high frequency, the effects of organic rankings lasted for up to several months. Of course, it all depended on the competitiveness of the selected keyword phrases and the SEO activity of competing sites.

The cost of promoting To ords is SEO

Google AdWords campaigns are Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. This means that we only pay for ads when they are clicked by the browser user. The cost of clicks is very different and depends on the competitiveness of the sentence - it can range from a penny to several dollars or so.

Nel caso del posizionamento organico, paghiamo solo il costo degli specialisti SEO, ma non paghiamo i clic al sito. Fino a poco tempo, la forma più popolare di contabilità per i servizi era il pagamento dei risultati, ovvero un’agenzia SEO addebitava una tariffa concordata solo quando il sito promosso occupava un certo posto nei risultati di ricerca.

Nowadays, paying for SEO via the subscription system is becoming more and more popular.

Internet marketing recipients

Organic site ranking allows you to reach users who have entered a specific query or phrase in the search engine query box. These can be both potential customers and people looking for information about a specific product / service. The site owner has no influence on their age, gender or location.

The latter is particularly important in the case of on-site services. An AdWords campaign is much more powerful.

Indeed, the campaign of advertising links visible in search engine results also extends to queries from international users. However, by using AdWords to target the Display Network, or sites affiliated with Google, we can identify the recipients of the ads: women or men of a certain age and specific interests.

Unfortunately, in this case, the targeting is incomplete: by focusing on the advertising network, we are never sure if the potential recipients are interested in our offer. Therefore, most investors choose AdWords campaigns based on the links visible in the search engine for certain keywords.

We have discussed only the most significant differences between SEO and Google Ads . In practice, there are a lot more differences, and understanding them will help you promote your website more effectively.


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