SocialMedia News Sept. 3 August 2021: Here are the Youtube Chapters!

chapters youtube

#SocialMedia News of the week. EP20

🔥 #SEO for #YOUTUBE: introduced the subdivisions in chapters on the videos. New opportunities to improve YT video SEO.

chapters youtube


🕶 FB Connect Conference dates announced on #AR and #VR (28 OCTOBER 2021).

🤖 The collaboration with #HorizonWorkrooms has been officially announced to facilitate the use of #VirtualReality on FB.

📱 Videos in #REELS format also available on FB.

⚠️ New report shows the actions taken during the year to remove inappropriate content, hate-oriented content and fake accounts.

📰 FB racconta come la sua nuova recente acquisizione #Bulletin avrà lo scopo di incentivare e supportare la produzione e condivisione di LOCAL #news.


💻 Advances on the #BlueSky project by Social Media #decentralization.

🚀 It is officially possible to sell a subscription newsletter directly from the Twitter profile. The #Revue feature is finally out!

Also this week, big changes! 😬

Happy application!


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