TikTok metrics that matter to analyze your marketing

The lack of knowledge of core algorithms and metrics in TikTok makes it difficult for bloggers and brands to promote without cost on this popular platform. How to use the integrated analytics in TikTok and evaluate the results of the promotion and positioning of advertising - in this material from the advertising agency Ciao. It will be useful for bloggers, ... Read more

Shopify Opinions: Pros and Cons, Everything You Need to Know

shopify opinions

In this complete analysis we will see not only how you can create a site with Shopify, but also each respective advantage compared to the most common platforms on the market such as WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento, Etc. You can start your free trial here: https: // www .shopify.com / start Shopify is a prominent name in the online store developer community, making it naturally… Read more

The TOP 10 Content marketing conferences 2019 Europe

Hello everyone, In this article we will talk about what are the top 10 Content Marketing Conferences that exist around the world, some are American, others (many I must say) also in any case located in Europe, some with prices, let's say more accessible, others with slightly higher prices but with advantages ... Read more

How to do Social Media and B2B Marketing

Managing an editorial plan that works on every phase of the #customerjourney is complex. We need to work on: - More formats and forms of content; - Different approaches and levels of awareness of the target; - More distribution channels. The reality is that, as long as it is managed by only ONE person, it is, paradoxically, easier: there are no unsynchronized work moments and ... Read more

The 80/20 principle in your Content Marketing Strategy

80 20 content marketing

When creating new content, how much time do you spend on average producing it? And then to promote it? 80% for creation and 20% for promotion? Or viceversa? But what if you dedicate 20% of your time to creation and the remaining 80% to promotion? According to Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute: The secret to ... Read more

3 TRUTH ABOUT social media marketing content marketing YOU DON'T KNOW

In today's article we will discover 3 often unknown terms and concepts on Content Marketing. A sort of advanced Glossary. Ready? Let's go! 🚀 #1 truth about social media marketing content marketing: CUSTOMER JOURNEY (and why this concept is fundamental to any marketing action) The Customer Journey is a concept we use to represent the… Read more

Clickfunnels Evergreen Webinar in Italy SUCCESSFUL! [CASE STUDY] From Webinar to Evergreen Webinar Funnel + Content Strategy for the entire Customer Journey - The testimony of Enrico Tosco (Reting)

Reting helps emerging franchises structure and build their successful network. The laborious method and the theme is complex. Enrico holds a Podcast in which he interviews aspiring entrepreneurs franchisors, thus holding explanatory conversations about their approach. On a regular basis, Enrico Tosco of Reting SRL also holds direct social questions and answers. ... Read more

[CASE STUDY] Triple your business results by investing ZERO: Only Content! - The testimony of Enrico Florentino (ImprendiPromotore)

content marketing case studies 2018

Introduction to “success” before presenting the 'content marketing case studies 2018' Let's start with the most important thing right away. Enrico Florentino - founder of the ImprendiPromotore - is a TRUE idol in his sector, as well as actually a Leader. You know when it is said that if marketing is done well, the quality of the product becomes irrelevant? Here, perhaps the rule ... Read more

[CASE STUDY] BEST Multi-language Authority Content Marketing Strategy - The testimony of Sartoretto Verna

Sartoretto Verna is a 54 years old Pharmacy Architecture Firm that designs and delivers internationally, the best pharmacies in the world. + 6M income (euros) +2000 clients 16 employees BTB Prospecting & Selling project based on a Content Strategy The average deal and / or commission to design a pharmacy is 250K-300K, more than 10-15 people are usually… Read more