How to write a book? Some fundamental indications

Important premise on how to write a book An editorial project can really develop in a thousand different ways, and obviously so many are the variables that make up how to write a book: the economic quotation; the exact production process; the exact logistic distribution process; the exact remuneration process for the author's rights and royalities; ... Read more

WEBINAR FORMAT: How to generate leads with content marketing

Pillars Of Content Marketing

Introduction to the webinar format In this article we will tell you about what a truly interesting format can be, from a marketing and content marketing point of view. What advantages does it offer and above all I will tell you about this practice of using the webinar putting the attention and focus on how it is possible to transform webinars, ... Read more

[CASE STUDY] The webinar as the BEST input content to create small-sized editorials - The testimony of Leonardo Bellini

The case we are presenting to you is something we are really proud of. Leonardo Bellini Helps sales and marketing teams generate qualified leads using LinkedIn and Social Selling. In addition to this he is the founder of, Training & Consulting, he is the author of “How to use LinkedIn for your Business”. As you can see, the ... Read more

[CASE STUDY] Transforming an extremely technical course into a study manual - The testimony of Francesco Chiappini (E-commerce School)

Question that people often have in the training sector: "But if I work in a very complex sector and I do training courses - for example - for the e-commerce sector, which has many difficult and technical terms within it, how can I be sure that if I rely on an agency like Writeless that course is transformed ... Read more

[CASE STUDY] Word from agency to marketing agency - Luca Bove's testimony (Local Strategy)

Writing a book for a marketing agency: how, when and why The more the world of marketing goes on, the more complex the way marketing agencies work while delivering their services. And consequently also the way they have of explaining to their customers how they work. In fact this ... Read more

[CASE STUDY] From Podcast episode to Ebook for Lead Magnet - The testimony of Alessio Beltrami (Content Marketing Italia)

Who is Alessio Beltrami from Content Marketing Italia? Alessio Beltrami is certainly the founding father of content marketing in Italy. He is by far the person who has produced the most content in Italy on content marketing. He is the author of numerous books including Content Marketing for Freelancers. How does content marketing work explained in ... Read more

[CASE STUDY] How to have a Multi-language book written for the high-end market that sells 1000 copies in a year without investing 1 single € in advertising - Paolo Cattin's testimony (Investing in luxury watches)

The best way to get a book written… What I'm about to tell you is unbelievable. This is probably the question that grips most of the Entrepreneurs who are aspiring authors of a book. This is probably the question everyone is asking… All those who are aware of the fact that thanks to the publication / writing of a book they could get a lot of visibility and achieve authority in their reference sector. How to get a book written in the best way and make sure you sell many copies? But even more important ... How to get written ... Read more