Google AdWords VS SEO: the definitive answer

google adwords vs seo

In this article we will answer the question: Google adwords vs seo: What is better? Content of the article SEO VS ADVERTISING: what to do? What is best to do? What is best to invest in? Starting from a production of contents with the aim of positioning them on Google or investing in paid advertising? Do both? We answer this in a definitive way ... Read more

3 TRUTH ABOUT social media marketing content marketing YOU DON'T KNOW

In today's article we will discover 3 often unknown terms and concepts on Content Marketing. A sort of advanced Glossary. Ready? Let's go! 🚀 #1 truth about social media marketing content marketing: CUSTOMER JOURNEY (and why this concept is fundamental to any marketing action) The Customer Journey is a concept we use to represent the… Read more

[CASE STUDY] Managing 360 content content in a single solution: Writeless - The testimony of Emanuele Pianelli (RICHFIT)

The best digital marketing content manager service? It is that service that is able to manage the whole range of contents in a single solution. A company to manage and create marketing content in 2021 needs to work on many aspects: Production of marketing content for the blog Production of marketing content ... Read more

Clickfunnels Evergreen Webinar in Italy SUCCESSFUL! [CASE STUDY] From Webinar to Evergreen Webinar Funnel + Content Strategy for the entire Customer Journey - The testimony of Enrico Tosco (Reting)

Reting helps emerging franchises structure and build their successful network. The laborious method and the theme is complex. Enrico holds a Podcast in which he interviews aspiring entrepreneurs franchisors, thus holding explanatory conversations about their approach. On a regular basis, Enrico Tosco of Reting SRL also holds direct social questions and answers. ... Read more