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#FACEBOOK ⚠️ Nuovo report sulle quote di engagement di pagine e media di diffusione di informazione preoccupa Facebook: in crescita il numero di persone che si informano su Facebook, ma in crescita anche fake-news e disinformazione. ** 📰 FB dichiara i prossimi step per combattere la diffusione di FakeNews e disinformazione. Un punto in più … Read more

SocialMedia News Sept. 3 August 2021: Here are the Youtube Chapters!

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#SocialMedia News of the week. EP20 🔥 #SEO for #YOUTUBE: introduced the subdivisions in chapters on the videos. New opportunities to improve YT video SEO. * Source: #FACEBOOK 🕶 FB Connect Conference dates announced on #AR and #VR (28 OCTOBER 2021). * Https: // / 0b1D 🤖 The collaboration with #HorizonWorkrooms to facilitate the use of the ... Read more

The news of the 2nd Sept of August 2021: Linkedin reddit and tiktok!

Linkedin reddit and tiktok

NEWS OF THE WEEK - EP19 #INSTAGRAMNew “audio” search function to increase engagement of the #Reels format. Instagram comes out with a new campaign totally focused on inclusion and ethnic diversity. * https: // #TikTok: new effective security measures introduced for users under 16. Message blocking and approval systems. * https: // Linkedin: The function is now available ... Read more

Snapchat presents the new BitMoji 3D Emoji

👋🏼 The most important #SocialMedia and #ContentMarketing news of the week! #EP16 ⚠️ Facebook: still problems with the US government. Biden states: "They are killing people" allowing news of conspiracy to use the vaccine. * Https: // 🤝 New partnership between #Coursera and #Facebook to help train Marketing Skills. * Https: // zcu .io / NHKY 🗣 New function of #Whatsapp for CALL Video and Audio in groups: the “Joinable Calls”. From today you can enter ... Read more

News of the week: $1 MLD in Facebook Funds

whatsapp_multi_device and facebook funds

👋🏼 The most important #SocialMedia and #ContentMarketing news of the week! #EP15 #FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM 🎓 The "Expert" Badge is available for FB Group profiles and allows for faster identifications. * Source: 🤑 1 billion dollars of fund announced to incentivize Creators to create content and creativity on FB and Instagram (at the moment, only possible remuneration ... Read more

TikTok nudes: automatically blocked by an artificial intelligence

Facebook marketing VS tiktok nudes

TikTok nudes: automatically blocked by an artificial intelligence, How? We tell it in this week's news! #EP14 - The most important #ContentMarketing news this week. 👋🏼 📹 #Youtube introduces new achievements cards on channels in order to incentivize video production. * Https: // 🛑 #instagram introduces in the form of tests the possibility of limiting comments ... Read more

Cotent News of the Week: New Beta App Bulletin from Facebook

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#EP13 - The most important #ContentMarketing news this week. 🚀 🎉 #FACEBOOK launches in Beta Test "#Bulletin", a platform for Writers and #contentcreators that will work with the #Subscriptions model. * Https: // 👩‍⚖️ The Federal Judge in US rejects the Antitrust accusations against Facebook previously accused of exercising illegal actions for the purpose of ... Read more

#EP12 CMT: Go to the new experiment for AR facebook ADS

_#FACEBOOK 🛒 The next step of Whatsapp: integration of the "product search" function on Whatsapp business channels + Ecommerce integration with the possibility of in-app purchase. * Https: // 👁 Facebook files the patent for a hat equipped with visor with Glasses that work with Augmented Reality. * https: // _#LINKEDIN 👩🏽‍💻 New official guide to take advantage of ADS targeting. * https: // _#YOUTUBE - For… Read more

#EP11 CONTENT MARKETING TODAY: Go to instagram fundraising!

#EP11 - The most important news of the last week on Social and Content Marketing. _#FACEBOOK 🗣 First test for Live Audio Room announced. * Https: // 🔊 New integrated Podcast functions ready for next week directly from groups and profiles. * Https: // 🕶 Finally the first tests of ADS and advertising in rooms with Virtual Reality. * Https: // _#LINKEDIN 👩🏽‍💻… Read more

Facebook works on a smartwatch + Instagram news for creators (EP.10)

Episode 10! 😃 The most important #news not to be missed of the last week from the world #socialmedia and #contentmarketing to read in less than 5 minutes. #INSTAGRAM news 1️⃣ The second issue of the Instagram Magazine dedicated to #creators is out ( 2️⃣ Officially announced new monetization methods through affiliation for creators directly from the social network ... Read more


Welcome to Episode 9 of Content Marketing Today: the most important social media marketing facts from the world of social media and content marketing, every Monday morning, to be read in less than 5 minutes. HOT TAKES OF THE WEEK IN PREVIEW The visibility war between TikTok, Instagram and YouTube continues at its peak; AR and VR ... Read more

13 News from the world of social media and content marketing: last week of May (EP.8)

🔥 Welcome to the 8th episode of Content Marketing Today: the most important news from the world of social media and content marketing, every Monday morning, to be read in less than 5 minutes. 🔎 PREVIEW ON THIS WEEK'S NEWS This has been a DECISIVE week in the world of social networks… We will be able to see how most of the news will be… Read more