[CASE STUDY] From video library to Real Estate Consultant Magazine + Gazzettina - The testimony of the Guarantee Group (Real Estate Franchising)

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Guarantee Group it's a Young Real Estate Agency with a big promise: »we'll sell your property before 120-days or we'll refund the price of our service». 4 agencies 15 employees Workflows and Results Input content: Previous created content "TV Guarantee Group (interviews)"

[CASE STUDY] Triple your business results by investing ZERO: Only Content! - The testimony of Enrico Florentino (ImprendiPromotore)

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Introduction to “success” before presenting the 'content marketing case studies 2018' Let's start with the most important thing right away. Enrico Florentino - founder of the ImprendiPromotore - is a TRUE idol in his sector, as well as actually a Leader. You know when it is said that if marketing is done well, the quality of the product becomes irrelevant? Here, perhaps the rule ... Read more