[CASE STUDY] How to have a Multi-language book written for the high-end market that sells 1000 copies in a year without investing 1 single € in advertising - Paolo Cattin's testimony (Investing in luxury watches)

The best way to get a book written… What I'm about to tell you is unbelievable. This is probably the question that grips most of the Entrepreneurs who are aspiring authors of a book. This is probably the question everyone is asking… All those who are aware of the fact that thanks to the publication / writing of a book they could get a lot of visibility and achieve authority in their reference sector. How to get a book written in the best way and make sure you sell many copies? But even more important ... How to get written ... Read more

Clickfunnels Evergreen Webinar in Italy SUCCESSFUL! [CASE STUDY] From Webinar to Evergreen Webinar Funnel + Content Strategy for the entire Customer Journey - The testimony of Enrico Tosco (Reting)

Reting helps emerging franchises structure and build their successful network. The laborious method and the theme is complex. Enrico holds a Podcast in which he interviews aspiring entrepreneurs franchisors, thus holding explanatory conversations about their approach. On a regular basis, Enrico Tosco of Reting SRL also holds direct social questions and answers. ... Read more

[CASE STUDY] Triple your business results by investing ZERO: Only Content! - The testimony of Enrico Florentino (ImprendiPromotore)

content marketing case studies 2018

Introduction to “success” before presenting the 'content marketing case studies 2018' Let's start with the most important thing right away. Enrico Florentino - founder of the ImprendiPromotore - is a TRUE idol in his sector, as well as actually a Leader. You know when it is said that if marketing is done well, the quality of the product becomes irrelevant? Here, perhaps the rule ... Read more