TikTok metrics that matter to analyze your marketing

The lack of knowledge of core algorithms and metrics in TikTok makes it difficult for bloggers and brands to promote without cost on this popular platform. How to use the integrated analytics in TikTok and evaluate the results of the promotion and positioning of advertising - in this material from the advertising agency Ciao. It will be useful for bloggers, ... Read more

Shopify Opinions: Pros and Cons, Everything You Need to Know

shopify opinions

In this complete analysis we will see not only how you can create a site with Shopify, but also each respective advantage compared to the most common platforms on the market such as WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento, Etc. You can start your free trial here: https: // www .shopify.com / start Shopify is a prominent name in the online store developer community, making it naturally… Read more

Authority content marketing: Gain authority and respect in your industry

authority content marketing

Today we are talking about a very hot topic… The Authority Content Marketing. Argument that is always proposed to us, asked and posed by our customers. For this article I have marked a few points to talk about… Let's go! What is authority content marketing Meanwhile, let's start from the central point of the question then we often talk about ... Read more

How to write a reminder email: 6 strategies and examples


I know why you are wondering how to write a reminder email. We've all been there - you sent an email and are waiting for the reply. Maybe you have sent a sales proposal. Maybe the proposal for a contract. Whatever it is ... The goal is to send him a reminder and increase the likelihood of him replying. PS: EXCELLENT STRATEGY. ... Read more

Web Marketing Agencies Bologna: successful companies and case studies

content marketing examples

Entrepreneur or company from Bologa? Perhaps before searching for this article on Google you will have asked yourself: But must it really be necessary to search for Bologna Web Marketing Agencies, in short, in Bologna? After all we are in the digital age, what matters if the agency that follows you in a marketing project is located in Bologna rather than on the other ... Read more

How to do Social Media and B2B Marketing

Managing an editorial plan that works on every phase of the #customerjourney is complex. We need to work on: - More formats and forms of content; - Different approaches and levels of awareness of the target; - More distribution channels. The reality is that, as long as it is managed by only ONE person, it is, paradoxically, easier: there are no unsynchronized work moments and ... Read more

Complete Guide to Define Content Marketing Strategy Goals

content marketing strategy goals

"Content is king": content is king. Content marketing is the undisputed trend, the technology of the future, the marketing of the 21st century ”. We bet you will hear it more and more often… Wrong? Believe it or not, you are right. But let's think logically: we are surrounded by a MIRIAD of contents. E-mails, YouTube videos, posts, ... Read more

TOP 3 content marketing companies (usa): Guide to choosing the best content agency

Content Marketing is a medium-term strategy with long-term benefits. Nearly the 86% of B2C companies and the 91% of B2B companies say they use content in their marketing strategies. Of these, the 62% (B2C) and 56% (B2B) use external resources for content marketing production. Content creation, promotion ... Read more

What a Creative Advertising Agency is and what it does

What & #039; is and what it does a & #039; Creative Advertising Agency.001

A Creative Advertising Agency is a company whose main business is the development of creative concepts. A creative concept is an original advertising idea that aims to draw attention to a product / service, highlighting and emphasizing its competitive advantages and uniqueness. What is the difference between a creative agency and an advertising agency? The creative agency is the developer ... Read more