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Introduction to "success" before presenting the 'content marketing case studies 2018'

Let's start with the most important thing right away.

Enrico Florentino - founder ofEntrepreneur- is a TRUE idol in his industry, as well as actually a Leader.

You know when it is said that if marketing is done well, the quality of the product becomes irrelevant?

Well, maybe the rule is true. But not in this case.

Here the product is there.

It is outstanding.

The quality of the service is treated in detail. And it's tangible.

So, if there is ONE factor to be chosen that has allowed Enrico Florentino's Academy today to be what it is (the leading academy from every point of view for marketing and business training for the financial consultant), in this case, surely it is that of the service.

Having said that, we can continue.

What success factors

Before we begin, let's try to summarize what has allowed this company to grow and achieve such amazing results.

Let's go in order. Here are what we believe to be the fundamentals in light of 3 years of close collaboration:

  • Contents of value for the target;
  • Consistency and consistency;
  • Strategy of constant overcoming of competition (on marketing);
  • Development over time and maintenance of MULTI-format, MULTI-channel content.

Contents of value for the target

When we talk about "valuable content" we often have a smoky idea of what this term actually means.

the confusion is often on the word "value".

You may have heard from "direct response marketing promoters" that value means nothing.

“A content must sell! Just sell, convert! "

"Valuable content doesn't bring the company money!"

This is a big misunderstanding.

Don't let your company's marketing catch on too.

See, here in Writeless, by value we mean a very simple thing: say something useful to your target audience, and they'll listen to you.

OF COURSE. It is a very different concept from selling. But the two factors are by no means exclusive mortgages.

Having a content marketing strategy aimed at creating valuable content (therefore: valued and appreciated by your target customer!) Is extraordinary. But doing this doesn't mean that your company doesn't have to have funnels, lead generation systems or sales procedures. Rather!

Those who think in terms of "hymns" are always oversimplifying reality. But reality is complex and is made up of many elements.

There is no "magic ingredient".

Specifically, Enrico Florentino every SINGLE day produced content of all kinds. Really useful for the target.

  • The world's largest pandemic breaks out? From the first day of the lock down, he made a live broadcast a day to support the specific situation of the financial advisors. Using the hashtag “#the advice does not stop“;
  • Are questions asked during the live broadcasts on social media that open interesting ideas? Each of these becomes a theme for a new Webinar which is used as a Lead Generator and subsequently transformed into a front-end Book ...
  • Did the live show turn out particularly well? Has it been successful? We extract the highlights, the best phrases, and report them on the Instagram profile in the form of quotes or as infographics;
  • What are the main objections sellers have received this week? Well! That will be the list of our next content!

This means “content of value for the target”.


You have to be able to know your customer.

I'm not know it in the demographic (eg my clients are entrepreneurs).

But knowing it in relation to your product / service:

  • What are your fears?
  • What are your biggest concerns?
  • What are your greatest desires and aspirations?
  • When do you trust? When do you turn up your nose?

And to do this you have to be a true expert on what you do.

In fact, the real expert in terms of marketing is not so much the one who knows his product / service.

That mere knowledge alone is limiting, but rather: what does my client need? Once you've found out what they're looking for, content marketing is only for one thing: GIVE IT.

Consistency and consistency

There is no trick here.

Consistency - in content marketing - is truly the ingredient that pays the most.

There is no content marketing strategy that has been successful and that has not been supported in its operation by COSTANZA.

Enrico is one of those people who are definitely NOT lacking in consistency.

In each channel.

In any format.

For each section.

Whatever content Enrico Florentino has started.

It is still active, in its recurrence.

You may be wondering if this isn't something that is hardly sustainable.

Well, if he were to do it all, absolutely yes.

The point, however, is that he only has to deal with what he most likes to do. In this case it is recording the spoken contents. Writeless takes care of everything else.

Overcoming competition strategy

We will not dwell on this concept very much because it is very simple, as well as effective.

We all want to be "LEADER" but often then the behavior and actions we put in place do not show it in practice.

A market LEADER is truly a market leader.

A market LEADER spends more on marketing than the competition.

Create more content than the competition.

It is more visible than the competition.

The materials it creates are better than the competition.

Are your competitors sending simple periodic emails to customers? You send them on paper.

Do your competitors spend X on Facebook? You spend X + Y.

Do your competitors have 4 Inbound channels to be found? You create 8!

This mindset will allow you to always stay 10 steps ahead of your competitors.

Development over time and maintenance of MULTI-format, MULTI-channel content

Gary Vee (CEO of Vaynermedia) always says:

Gary Vee

“Your Marketing must always go where the attention of your customers is. Where attention is also under-cost compared to ROI, go all-in! "

In fact, we don't have to choose whether to let our customers find us through an audio podcast, a You Tube video or an article on a blog like this one.

Let your customers choose it.

What you as a company need to do is simply leave all doors open.


The more formats you have, the more doors your customers can come to visit you.

Specifically, Enrico Florentino has it all:

  • A Telegram channel with strategy pills;
  • A YouTube channel;
  • A facebook page;
  • A Facebook group;
  • An Instagram Channel

How does he keep up with everything? Simple: IT DOESN'T.

He deals with the long forms of content: like podcasts and interviews.

Writeless, takes care of transforming all the contents in their respective sub-formats useful for our strategy!

We are waiting for you for a DEMO of the personalized service on your company.

See you soon!


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