[CASE STUDY] Managing 360 content content in a single solution: Writeless - The testimony of Emanuele Pianelli (RICHFIT)

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The best digital marketing content manager service?

It is that service that is able to manage the whole range of contents in a single solution.

A company to manage and create marketing content in 2021 needs to work on many aspects:

  • Production of marketing content for the blog
  • Production of marketing content for social pages
  • Content review
  • Graphic layout of contents
  • Writing books
  • To publish a book
  • Create newsletters
  • Do email marketing
  • Etcetera, et cetera

But what's the point?

The point is that unfortunately the 99% of Italian small and medium-sized enterprises does not have all the sufficient resources necessary to carry out all these activities within the company.

This is mainly due to the fact that if you had to manage everything completely internally, it is not that it would be enough for you to simply have a copywriter rather than a graphic designer ...

The reality is that you would need a lot of resources to do all these things ...

The truth is that to create and manage high quality marketing content and to be able to work competitively on the market, you need a very diverse team.

This is why the absolute best solution for a small company is to rely on a trusted partner who is able to manage all these aspects with a single monthly fee.

This is exactly what we did with the Richfit guys.

And by the way, it should also be said and considered that Richfit's guys, Emanuele Pianelle and Paolo Rich are two champions who have managed to prioritize Content marketing in their annual general plan, going at the rate of two books produced and published per year. .

Books made with Richfit by Emanuele Pianelli and Paolo Ricchi

Manuals made


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