Clickfunnels Evergreen Webinar in Italy SUCCESSFUL! [CASE STUDY] From Webinar to Evergreen Webinar Funnel + Content Strategy for the entire Customer Journey - The testimony of Enrico Tosco (Reting)

About the author

Reting helps emerging franchises structure and build their successful network.

The laborious method and the theme is complex.

Enrico holds a Podcast in which he interviews aspiring Entrepreneurs franchisors, thus holding explanatory conversations of their approach.

Furthermore, on a regular basis Enrico Tosco of Reting SRL holds live social media for questions and answers.

Starting from these forms of content, we have created:

  • constant production of marketing content: blog articles, posts, infographics, emails;
  • setup of an evergreen funnel with the aim not only of generating new leads, but of educating them in the Reting approach, thus making them ready to buy;
  • Lead Magnet Manuals and Reports:

Each content produced monthly is strictly monitored.

The best contents have been reused in sponsored according to our “Content ADSification” approach.


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