[CASE STUDY] How to write blog articles (+ email) starting from the video section - The testimony of Marco Lutzu (Copy Today)

About the author

If you are fond of Direct response copywriting and you live in Italy then you can't help but meet Marco Lutzu and his team of copywriters: the Copy Academy. At the beginning of 2018 Marco and his team started a really curious column on the theme of copy. The format is this:

  • A short video per day (3-5 minutes);
  • Which in each of them explores and treats an announcement of copy written in the past that it was very successful.

A really interesting way to understand how the theory of copy that is often studied can and must be put into practice in practice: an extreme source of inspiration. One video a day means that 30 new videos come out every month, and after 3 months there are already a hundred… What if there was a way to automatically transport these videos from spoken to written form? Each of them could become an article for the blog that you publish, rank and every day it will go to work for you! This is exactly what we have done in close cooperation over several months. In this case, in fact, we have proceeded not only to do the transcription, revision and format graphically, but also to transform the text directly into the html code to be pasted peer-to-peer in WordPress. This way allowed Marco and his team to mentally deal ONLY with the video part, having the same articles published on the blog at the same time but without engaging his boys in a long and boring transcription job.


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