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Which bidding option is best suited for an advertiser focused on direct response marketing goals?

Question: which bidding option is best suited for an advertiser focused on direct response marketing goals? Let's give this a clear answer ... We have to cover many subjects in order to answer this question ... "Where do you get so much money?": Fonbet marketing director on advertising bookmakers Now the most informal question I get asked ... Read more

Looking for marketing manager the woodlands? KNOW this

Who is a marketing manager, what does he do and how much does he get paid? Any enterprise must be competitive a priori - a firm position in the market, readiness for internal changes while monitoring market fluctuations and business requests, confident and flexible management. In order to maintain the course of the enterprise, strengthen and ... Read more

The strategic use of different marketing channels affects…

A marketing strategy is usually a long-term plan for achieving a company's commercial and corporate goals. As part of these tasks, marketers are engaged in promoting the brand to the market, selling goods and services, and pricing processes. In addition, this includes working with clients and staff. The marketing strategy is an official document that is fixed… Read more

IEO Marketing in Vietnam: New opportunities after the pandemic for 2022

More successful than other Asian countries in coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnam is becoming one of the most attractive places for e-business in the world. We study the features of promoting digital projects in Vietnam together with three experts: the head of the international payment provider and acquirer ECOMMPAY in the Asia-Pacific region, Gate2Asia expert… Read more

Social media platform news: #ContentMarketingToday

#FACEBOOK ⚠️ New report on engagement shares of information spreading pages and media worries Facebook: the number of people who get information on Facebook is growing, but fake news and disinformation are also growing. * https: //www.pewresearch.org/journalism/2021/01/12/news-use-across-social-media-platforms-in-2020/*https: //www.dropbox.com/s/ixy9meh6vari4lf/ Q1-Content-Transparency-Report-V0-US-internal-copy1.pdf? Dl = 0 📰 FB declares the next steps to combat the spread of FakeNews and disinformation. One more point ... Read more

TikTok metrics that matter to analyze your marketing

The lack of knowledge of core algorithms and metrics in TikTok makes it difficult for bloggers and brands to promote without cost on this popular platform. How to use the integrated analytics in TikTok and evaluate the results of the promotion and positioning of advertising - in this material from the advertising agency Ciao. It will be useful for bloggers, ... Read more

chapters youtube

SocialMedia News Sept. 3 August 2021: Here are the Youtube Chapters!

#SocialMedia News of the week. EP20 🔥 #SEO for #YOUTUBE: introduced the subdivisions in chapters on the videos. New opportunities to improve YT video SEO. * Source: https://zurl.co/m0FU #FACEBOOK 🕶 FB Connect Conference dates announced on #AR and #VR (28 OCTOBER 2021). * Https: //zurl.co / 0b1D 🤖 The collaboration with #HorizonWorkrooms to facilitate the use of the ... Read more

Linkedin reddit e tiktok

The news of the 2nd Sept of August 2021: Linkedin reddit and tiktok!

NEWS OF THE WEEK - EP19 #INSTAGRAMNew “audio” search function to increase engagement of the #Reels format. Instagram comes out with a new campaign totally focused on inclusion and ethnic diversity. * https: //zurl.co/fP0n #TikTok: new effective security measures introduced for users under 16. Message blocking and approval systems. * https: //zurl.co/53W2 Linkedin: The function is now available ... Read more

google adwords vs seo

Google AdWords VS SEO: the definitive answer

In this article we will answer the question: Google adwords vs seo: What is better? Content of the article SEO VS ADVERTISING: what to do? What is best to do? What is best to invest in? Starting from a production of contents with the aim of positioning them on Google or investing in paid advertising? Do both? We answer this in a definitive way ... Read more

shopify opinioni

Shopify Opinions: Pros and Cons, Everything You Need to Know

In this complete analysis we will see not only how you can create a site with Shopify, but also each respective advantage compared to the most common platforms on the market such as WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento, Etc. You can start your free trial here: https: // www .shopify.com / start Shopify is a prominent name in the online store developer community, making it naturally… Read more

Snapchat presents the new BitMoji 3D Emoji

👋🏼 The most important #SocialMedia and #ContentMarketing news of the week! #EP16 ⚠️ Facebook: still problems with the US government. Biden states: "They are killing people" allowing news of conspiracy to use the vaccine. * Https: //zcu.io/4KkV 🤝 New partnership between #Coursera and #Facebook to help train Marketing Skills. * Https: // zcu .io / NHKY 🗣 New function of #Whatsapp for CALL Video and Audio in groups: the “Joinable Calls”. From today you can enter ... Read more