Social media platform news: #ContentMarketingToday

#FACEBOOK ⚠️ Nuovo report sulle quote di engagement di pagine e media di diffusione di informazione preoccupa Facebook: in crescita il numero di persone che si informano su Facebook, ma in crescita anche fake-news e disinformazione. ** 📰 FB dichiara i prossimi step per combattere la diffusione di FakeNews e disinformazione. Un punto in più … Read more

TikTok metrics that matter to analyze your marketing

The lack of knowledge of core algorithms and metrics in TikTok makes it difficult for bloggers and brands to promote without cost on this popular platform. How to use the integrated analytics in TikTok and evaluate the results of the promotion and positioning of advertising - in this material from the advertising agency Ciao. It will be useful for bloggers, ... Read more

SocialMedia News Sept. 3 August 2021: Here are the Youtube Chapters!

chapters youtube

#SocialMedia News of the week. EP20 🔥 #SEO for #YOUTUBE: introduced the subdivisions in chapters on the videos. New opportunities to improve YT video SEO. * Source: #FACEBOOK 🕶 FB Connect Conference dates announced on #AR and #VR (28 OCTOBER 2021). * Https: // / 0b1D 🤖 The collaboration with #HorizonWorkrooms to facilitate the use of the ... Read more

The news of the 2nd Sept of August 2021: Linkedin reddit and tiktok!

Linkedin reddit and tiktok

NEWS OF THE WEEK - EP19 #INSTAGRAMNew “audio” search function to increase engagement of the #Reels format. Instagram comes out with a new campaign totally focused on inclusion and ethnic diversity. * https: // #TikTok: new effective security measures introduced for users under 16. Message blocking and approval systems. * https: // Linkedin: The function is now available ... Read more

Google AdWords VS SEO: the definitive answer

google adwords vs seo

In this article we will answer the question: Google adwords vs seo: What is better? Content of the article SEO VS ADVERTISING: what to do? What is best to do? What is best to invest in? Starting from a production of contents with the aim of positioning them on Google or investing in paid advertising? Do both? We answer this in a definitive way ... Read more

Shopify Opinions: Pros and Cons, Everything You Need to Know

shopify opinions

In this complete analysis we will see not only how you can create a site with Shopify, but also each respective advantage compared to the most common platforms on the market such as WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento, Etc. You can start your free trial here: https: // www / start Shopify is a prominent name in the online store developer community, making it naturally… Read more

Snapchat presents the new BitMoji 3D Emoji

👋🏼 The most important #SocialMedia and #ContentMarketing news of the week! #EP16 ⚠️ Facebook: still problems with the US government. Biden states: "They are killing people" allowing news of conspiracy to use the vaccine. * Https: // 🤝 New partnership between #Coursera and #Facebook to help train Marketing Skills. * Https: // zcu .io / NHKY 🗣 New function of #Whatsapp for CALL Video and Audio in groups: the “Joinable Calls”. From today you can enter ... Read more

Authority content marketing: Gain authority and respect in your industry

authority content marketing

Today we are talking about a very hot topic… The Authority Content Marketing. Argument that is always proposed to us, asked and posed by our customers. For this article I have marked a few points to talk about… Let's go! What is authority content marketing Meanwhile, let's start from the central point of the question then we often talk about ... Read more

The TOP 10 Content marketing conferences 2019 Europe

Hello everyone, In this article we will talk about what are the top 10 Content Marketing Conferences that exist around the world, some are American, others (many I must say) also in any case located in Europe, some with prices, let's say more accessible, others with slightly higher prices but with advantages ... Read more

News of the week: $1 MLD in Facebook Funds

whatsapp_multi_device and facebook funds

👋🏼 The most important #SocialMedia and #ContentMarketing news of the week! #EP15 #FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM 🎓 The "Expert" Badge is available for FB Group profiles and allows for faster identifications. * Source: 🤑 1 billion dollars of fund announced to incentivize Creators to create content and creativity on FB and Instagram (at the moment, only possible remuneration ... Read more

Corporate content management: Make or Buy? Comprehensive analysis

corporate content management

What is meant by corporate content management? “Make” In house: that is, what is better to decide to do internally in the company? The 100% safe The high value "Buy" choice: that is, what is better not to do internally in content management and to outsource? Development and project execution and innovation (these are not recurring activities that take place on ... Read more