[CASO STUDIO] Scrivere un libro in una settimana a partire da un Seminario LIVE – La testimonianza di Matteo Rivolta (RiFra)

RIFRA is a brand that has been, for 45 years, a synonymous of elegance, style and incessant innovation in the world of interior design.

  • +6M income (euros)
  • Showrooms: Milan, New York
  • Delivers: All over the world Paper Book Matteo Rivolta is the CEO & second-generation Owner of his Company RiFra.

In the past years, he’s been focusing on delivery mostly in USA (New York, Los Angeles) Luxury Kitchens & baths. At his highest carrier level, he decided to tell his entrepreneurial story through a paper book. How did he produce it? By organizing a one-day-seminar and than turning it into a written book. It’s been a fantastic successful editorial project: presented in front of 3.270 people, later published by Mondadori S.p.a.

Production process Input: Seminario Live Hotel Bulgari: https://www.facebook.com/matteo.rivolta76/videos/vb.1190910109/10217927149788964/?type=2&video_source=user_video_tab


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