[CASO STUDIO] Programma per creare Manuali d’istruzioni e formazione del personale – La testimonianza di Gianni Martinetti (Covema Vernici S.P.A.)

Covema Vernici SPA is historic Italian factory of paints, varnishes and enamels factory, printing inks and synthetic adhesives (mastics).

  • +16,4M income (euros)
  • +700 clients
  • 52 employees

Technical Training Manual Transmitting corporate knowledge is one of the most complex aspects of any company.

Training courses are often held, but if these are not transformed into written documentation, over time the risk is losing attention.

In this case the argument was hyper-technical and doubts about the final quality were several.

The result came out perfect, at the first, without any adding reviews. A defintely successful project.

Production process:

Input: Corso di formazione Webinar: «Sistema Tintometrico Sandex: Costi e applicazione»


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