[CASO STUDIO] BEST Multi-language Authority Content Marketing Strategy – La testimonianza di Sartoretto Verna

Sartoretto Verna is a 54 years old Pharmacy Architecture Firm that designs and delivers internationally, the best pharmacies in the world.

  • +6M income (euros)
  • +2000 clients
  • 16 employees

BTB Prospecting & Selling project based on a Content Strategy The average deal and/or commission to design a pharmacy is 250K-300K, more than 10-15 people are usually directly involved in the decisional process, thus a deal could keep going for a entire year.

More often than less a pharmacy is located in a complex enviorment like an hospital, anticipate and capture the Decision-makers attention is so complicated.

We decided to go all-in with an aggressive Content Strategy based on all the works previously done.

Workflows and Results:

Input content: Previous created content.

Content output produced By Writeless:

Da Mastermind LIVE di formazione “MasterCapsula” a Manuale di studio

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